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These are some of the workshops and seminars we have been running to help client's businesses become more effective and profitable.

A Forensic Marketing technique shows you how up to 80% of your advertising may not be effective. How your staff can equip themselves to better judge the quality of advertising being proposed by your agency and how to get better advertising out of your company. This work has helped clients improve their results by up to 56%.
Working with a Forensic Marketing audit technique, using a comprehensive cross reference of consumer shopping habits has allowed one client to increase their sales in the FMCG market by nearly 80%. The same technique unearthed a new totally unseen channel of distribution for another client. This new channel of distribution has been so effective the client has been unable to meet the increased demand.
Using proven techniques used in the USA and the UK, Forensic Marketing work with your team to help them construct a compelling and winning new business pitch. This programme, which includes prospect profiling and presentation orchestration, has proven to work in four out of six most recent pitches. Winning both local and international business, including a R120m account against very stiff international opposition.
Forensic Marketing works with your most senior team to formulate a firm and actionable marketing strategy for your company or brand. The marketing plan includes a "no holds barred" easy-to-follow benchmark plan. The implimentation strategy may include advertising, public and investor relations, internal communications, sales force training and web based activities. Forensic Marketing can execute or oversee the implimentation programme, depending on your infrastructure, current communication suppliers and needs.
Using the largest database of consumer research in South Africa Forensic Marketing will show you who is using your product, how often and where. What promotions and advertisng techniques are likely to work to attract and retain existing or new customers, and what other product and services your existing customers use. Using this data one brand has increased its volume, already from a high base, by 18%.
Another client was able to see an opportunity for cross selling two different product lines, increasing loyalty and consumption.
"You can't fly like an eagle if you employ turkeys." This insightful technique teaches you how to profile staff so you can build a strong and complimentary team, a team that gels and works fast and efficiently. The technique also teaches you how to recognise the four different personality profiles of new business prospects, so when you pitch you pitch to them the right words, in the right manner. It even helps you dress the right way to win the business. This technique helped a small advertisng agency in the UK thrash the big boys. It helped another agency win a huge sportswear client in LA and has helped an agency in South Africa win 70% of its pitches.
The technique is memorably simple. Yet brilliantly effective.
A candid programme that digs and delves into every necessary corner and history of your company, brand and the environment in which they operate. These sessions will almost certainly involve sensitive sales, brand and staff audits, and supplier and consumer perceptual and reality check research. No punches are pulled by the Forensic Marketing Team, as they believe in, "Getting the facts, or the facts will get you." This is a dynamic process which leaves your most senior team working interactively and confidentially with Forensic Marketing. FMCG brands benefitting from this process have risen from 45th in the market to 5th in the market.
Many clients have asked the Forensic Marketing Team to help predict the future. We can't do that with certainty, but using our knowledge and local and overseas research we have managed to guide clients into areas that have been most fruitful. One insight has led a small client into the lucrative FMGC market. Another international client into using Television in quite a revolutionary way. Helping to move them to the Number One spot world-wide. beating all their international offices, including London and New York.
Using Forensic Marketing's experience and world leading contacts here and overseas, they work with you and your team to identify your company's and brand's best spokespeople. They acclimatise your spokespeaople to benign and hostile media interviews and equip them to best project the company and brand. Using the Forensic Marketing database they will also arrange targetted media interviews. Please note Forensic Marketing will not participate in putting any untruthful "spin" on any matter. "Spin Doctoring" is definitely not part of Forensic Marketing's communication arsenal. They believe you can not paper over the cracks of a faulty brand or company.
South Africa is behind China and India with the new media techniques and channels of communication. Forensic Marketing shares with you what is coming down the line and how to prepare your company for the future. A future that can catapult your company and brands forward.
They also show you some remarkable new techniques and channels that are only currently available in South Africa through the Forensic Marketing network of contacts.