The Partners

Aubrey Malden

Aubrey has worked in London, Brussels and Johannesburg. He's been Chairman of the Marketing Society in the UK, advisor to the CBI Council and voted, in Britain, a Member of the Marketing Elite. He also is honoured by being published in the reference volume Debrett's "Distinguished People of Today" and is also noted as "One of the 12 Most Valuable Managers That Have Graduated" in the North American Ogilvy & Mather Senior Management Training Programme, a programme that featured various Harvard Planning and Business Modules.

Amongst his 96 advertising and marketing awards are four British IPA Effectiveness Awards, The Gold American Effectiveness Award and The Direct Marketing Effectiveness Award for Innovation. He has numerous national and international awards for print, poster, TV and Radio commercials and integrated campaigns.

Aubrey has been a regular contributor, around the world, to marketing columns and radio and television debates on brands and brand management.

He's lectured in Europe, North America and Africa, his workshops and seminars have an average rating of 4.8 out of a possible 5 by, attendees. Aubrey's been a Creative Director for a number of international advertising agencies including Ogilvy and JWT, and CEO of McCann Erickson in the UK.

He currently lives in Johannesburg and has recently published his best selling book, "Things the brand gurus don't want you to know," highly acclaimed as a book that, "will make and save you money,"

John Griffin

John has worked his way up through the industry having spent spells at international agencies like McCann Ericson, J Walter Thompson, BBDO, Ogilvy and FCB.

He is an avid brand strategist believing that all work is irrelevant if you first understand the many and diverse dynamics that drive the sales on your product, brand or service. For him it is also really essential to see the market from your customer’s point of view and really understand what drives their decisions.

He cannot keep his nose out of insightful research!

He spent four years studying the design, segmentation, engagement techniques used in Customer Relationship Management and is able to combine these skills with his marketing experience and the modern consumer data available to us at the Forensic Marketing Company, to create effective, successful new brand strategies that produce increases sales for our clients. Brands he has worked over the years include Sun International, Unilever, Smith Kline Beecham, Sappi, Nissan, Kellogg, Colgate, Toyota, Renault and Iveco heavy vehicles.

John enjoys sharing business building strategies with all staff, from junior management to company chairpersons. And when he isn’t doing that, you’ll find him at the bottom of the ocean, scuba diving, or photographing the animals and the birds of the African bush.